About Us

Welcome to The Lounge: North Idaho Med Spa, where your journey to holistic wellness begins. Since our doors first opened on May 18, 2022, we have been dedicated to providing transformative experiences that prioritize the natural essence of beauty and well-being.

Situated in the heart of Hayden, Idaho, our Med Spa extends an invitation to all who are looking for something more than just aesthetic treatments—an invitation to complete wellness.

Our Philosophy

We like to keep it as natural as possible. It’s a choice that stands at the core of our philosophy. That’s why you won’t find services like Botox or artificial fillers here. Instead, we focus on treatments that harness your body’s innate ability to rejuvenate and heal.

We are thrilled to announce that we will soon add Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) fillers to our list of offerings. These fillers use your body’s natural mechanisms to revitalize your skin, staying true to our commitment to natural, holistic care.

We embarked on this journey initially focusing on total body wellness before venturing into the world of aesthetics. This transition is a testament to our belief that real beauty isn’t skin deep; it’s a result of overall well-being. The services we provide, therefore, are designed to make you not just look, but also feel, your absolute best.

Dr. Jenna Silakoski

Dr. Jenna Silakoski DO, the cornerstone of The Lounge, is a board-certified physician specializing in family medicine. With a medical career spanning over 11 years, her deep-rooted belief in holistic wellness sets the tone for the Med Spa.

Dr. Silakoski’s expertise isn’t just confined to the traditional paradigms of western medicine. As a holistic physician, she has always had a passion for the alternative and natural facets of healthcare.

Her conviction that healthcare in our country should operate differently led her to establish The Lounge: North Idaho Med Spa. By doing so, she created a sanctuary that caters to the physical, emotional, and aesthetic well-being of her clients, offering them a comprehensive approach to health and beauty.

Credentials & Commitment

Dr. Silakoski’s career is marked by an unyielding dedication to healthcare and a resume that boasts of commendable achievements. She served in the Army for seven years and was the Medical Director at The Family Medicine Residency Clinic, Fort Hood, TX. The largest military installation in the world.

Her expertise has been recognized through multiple awards in natural research competitions, and she has contributed to the medical community by authoring and co-authoring various articles.

Though her accomplishments are many, Dr. Silakoski is more than just a healthcare provider; she’s a committed member of her community. Residing in Hayden, Idaho, with her husband and two children, her roots go deep, and her love for holistic wellness is part of her day-to-day life, which she shares with her family and her clients alike.

A Personal Invitation

We understand that in today’s fast-paced world, taking a moment for yourself can feel like a luxury. That’s why we’ve created a space where you can pause, breathe, and focus on your wellness journey. So we invite you to experience what it means to be cared for by a team that sees you as an individual, not a set of symptoms or aesthetic challenges. Come explore a space where you are the center of all things beautiful and holistic.

The Lounge: North Idaho Med Spa is more than just a destination; it’s a lifestyle. Become a part of our community and discover a more natural way to health and beauty. Because here, wellness isn’t a service; it’s a way of life.