Affiliate Program Terms & Conditions

Welcome to The Lounge’s Affiliate Program. By signing up as an affiliate, you agree to abide by the following Terms and Conditions.


This program was initially designed for our existing customers. However, it’s open to any individual or business located in the state of Idaho. By participating, you confirm that you meet these eligibility requirements.

How Commissions Work

After you register as an affiliate on our ClickFunnels pages, you’ll receive a unique affiliate link. Use this link to refer new clients to The Lounge. You can share this link via social media, email, text messages, or any other legal way you see fit. To earn a commission, the referred client must complete a purchase through your unique link. In-person referrals will not be counted at this time.

Commission Rates and Payments

You’ll earn a 10% commission on the first payment for select services. Currently, this includes our Max Dose Semaglutide Membership and the Ultimate Weight Loss Membership. When you register, you’ll choose your preferred payment method. We recommend using PayPal for this. Commissions are finalized and paid out two months after the purchase is made.

Tracking and Validation

All tracking is handled automatically through ClickFunnels. You can check your earnings and balance at any time through your affiliate dashboard. However, commissions will be denied if the client is ineligible for the service, is an existing customer, or cancels, requests a refund, or initiates a chargeback. The Lounge is the sole judge of whether a commission is valid.

Legal Requirements

As an affiliate, you’re required to adhere to all FTC disclosure requirements and other applicable legal standards when promoting our services.

Termination of Agreement

This affiliate agreement will continue until either party decides to terminate it. Termination can happen at any time, without notice, by either party.

Use of Intellectual Property

You’re not allowed to use The Lounge’s branding or logo without prior written consent. However, you are free to use the links and images available in the affiliate portal.

Dispute Resolution and Indemnity

Any disputes arising from this agreement will be resolved through arbitration. Affiliates are expected to indemnify The Lounge against any losses, damages, or other liabilities.

The Lounge is not responsible for any technical issues, outages, or disruptions caused by ClickFunnels or any other third-party service. This includes problems with tracking referrals, updating the affiliate dashboard, or processing payments. If a technical issue prevents you from earning a commission or affects your participation in the affiliate program in any way, The Lounge will not be held liable for any resulting losses or inconveniences.

By participating in The Lounge’s Affiliate Program, you acknowledge that you’ve read, understood, and agree to these Terms and Conditions.